Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Issues & Refund Requsts

Unfortunately we cannot resolve any billing issues or process any refund requests. These issues can only be addressed by Roku.

You can find Roku's refund policy here:

Cancel Screensaver Subscription

If you have a subscription based screensaver, you can cancel it via your Roku device, a mobile device, or a PC by following the linked instructions below.

You can find Roku's instructions for cancelling your subscription here:

I upgraded to UnsaverBasic or UnsaverPlus, why am I not seeing images?

Due to limitations of Roku devices, both UnsaverBasic and UnsaverPlus function as independent screensavers.  What this means is that you need to go into your Roku device's settings and change your current screensaver from "Unsaver" to "UnsaverBasic" or "UnsaverPlus".  

You can find Roku's instructions for changing your screensaver here:

How do I remove Unsaver?

If you wish to uninstall Unsaver, there are three ways to do so:

  • Method 1:
    Go into your Roku device's settings, select "theme", select "screensavers", and then find and select the Unsaver icon. Then select "Remove screensaver".

  • Method 2:
    Go into your Roku device's settings, select "theme", select "screensavers", and then select any other screensaver. Then select "Set as current screensaver".

  • Method 3:
    On your home screen, find the Unsaver icon and click the * button on your Roku remove. Then select "Remove channel"

You can find additional instructions on changing your screensaver here: